Mornin’ Smoothie

Hello dear friends,

I hope all is well in your homes and hearts, I’m happy to say it is over here! I had to share with you all my smoothie I make every morning. This past year has been such an eye opening one of how important it is to eat healthy, and I’m such a strong encourager to others to join in, especially those battling a sickness of any kind. It can truly change how you feel and think if you just feed your body real and true nutrients!




So what are the benefits of all these yummy foods?

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Real Talk

Most of you who have been following on here have noticed a change. It isn’t just about my health, in fact most of it isn’t even talking about my health struggles. I’d love to keep you updated and let you know what’s really going on, please watch this video I made 🙂



So since I have been working with brands that’s why you’ll see so many pictures on here. I’ve been reaching out to many, and have been contacted by lots. Hoping to make a small income off of working with them. Pass the word around if you feel up to it!

This cozy sweater is from Closet Revival! Loved going to the beach and enjoying it’s warmth 🙂



Get 20% off with code: shophannah Go check out Closet Revival!

The link to my fundraising page is here ♥♥

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Our Elephant Pants ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! 
A funny story about Rous and I…. when I was still in highschool and he was out, living in Mexico down at an orphanage, with no phones or internet. We could only communicate through letters so of course they were all very sappy. But he saved up a lot of money to be able to call me from the only phone in his tiny town, on Valentine’s Day. It cost so much! It was an 8 minute conversation that basically had him rambling on awkwardly to finally, “Hannah, I’m in love with you…..I would take a bullet for you.”

Now if you knew me back in highschool I was a tad harsh and on the mean side. Has he was saying all this I’m thinking, “I’m in highschool, we’re not in love. What the heck is he doing?!” A couple seconds of silence and he says, “uhh you don’t have to say it back.” To which I replied, “I wasn’t planning on it!”

Wow and 9 years later, we’ve been married for 4 1/2 years! Ha we have the funniest/worst dating stories ❤

My Roosie and I are wear our super cozy pants from The Elephant Pants. One of the coolest companies, with an amazing mission! To save all the elephants from extinction! 10% of every pair bought goes to help saving them! Love businesses with real missions! ❤

Today I’m announcing my winner for two pairs of these pants on my Instagram! You still have time to enter! Just click here!

Coast Day


I haven’t updated on here in awhile. Seasons have been changing, and I’m super excited about them! One amazing thing is I’ve been able to work with amazing brands, like the one in these pictures, Closet Revival, modeling for them and just showing off their amazing products. It’s been such a neat and fun experience!

Mini health update: 11 months seizure free, 11 months 6 hour long infusion free, zero dangerous bleeding, only 2 er visits, and I truly haven’t been this happy in years. My platelets after 13 years of disease have been leveling out at…normal (dare I say that), my Dr said she thinks maybe my bodies just getting into a new habit of things. I strongly hope so! My heart disease, POTS, can still be rough somedays, but if I’m truly exercising my body, and getting my heart pumping, eating healthy it makes SUCH a difference!

I’ve been at a place in my life where I’m actually wondering what to do with my time because I feel good enough to do something! It’s amazing! I’ve been pursuing my photography and able to make a tiny income off of that, and it’s blessed us so much. Yes, we still have 1000s of dollars in medical bills, yes I can get stressed out, but the Lord has provided for us for years. And hey, I’ll take a bill for 1000s of dollars if that means no more seizures and no risk of internal bleeding… hee hee 🙂

Another amazing thing I’ve been able to do is work with brands to promote their businesses! I only do it with ones that are my style. I’ve made friends with so many people across the world from of it, and some of them are paying me a tiny bit, which is such a blessing and I hope to build up my portfolio just a bit. Let me know of any brands you think I fit!

This dress is from one of the special brands that I just adore, Closet Revival! Their style is SO stinking amazing, and I just kinda love all of their goodies. One (yes I’m doing another post with the CUTEST sweater) of my goodies from them is this beautiful dress. It’s so flowy (only dresses i’ll wear), so feminine, and so flattering! On my way to the beach we stopped at a cute tiny market, and a lady said I looked like I walked straight out of a magazine! That kinda just made my day! I love supporting small businesses and I encourage all of my followers to do the same!

You can get 20% percent off all their items, yes 20! With the code: #shophannah

Go shop here!

PAIR’D Beauty


This is one of thee COOLEST beauty companies I’ve found! All their products are made with organic, fair trade, cruelty free and vegan ♥ It is owned by the sweetest girl! I absolutely love supporting small businesses, and I highly encourage you all too.



So I wash my hair maybe once a week. It just keeps it much healthier, but I didn’t even know a dry shampoo like this existed! It’s not full of chemicals that are actually killing your hair, it’s full of so much goodness! Including lavender and lemon, which makes it smell amazing! They also stimulate hair growth. So it not only works as a dry shampoo, but also has an amazing hair food!


So this amazing makeup setting spray actually works. It’s suppose to make it last for at least 10 hours, but it keeps mine on even longer! I got the Sweet Cali Orange, and it smells exactly like that. I’m slightly obsessed…


Sneak peak of the masks that are coming in spring! I got to enjoy these a little early and they were incredible to my skin ❤️


Who doesn’t love bath bombs? I take a bath literally everyday for the sake of my bodies soreness, and this bomb just makes it so so much better. Besides the fact that it smells amazing (sandlewood, eucalyptus, and lemon), it’s so calming and relaxing to your senses. It also clears your mind and opens it up from all the goodness being soaked in and all the scents you’re smelling ♥


I HIGHLY recommend these products friends! I love partnering with brand that I trust and fully want to support! Instead of going to Target or Walmart and getting products like these that actually are full of chemicals head over to Pair’d Beauty, and see their amazing products.
The crazy thing also about these is they actually have an expiration date! That’s not normal in products because of all the chemicals that keep them “good” for so long. That’s how trustworthy this company is!
We want to bless you guys so we have a 10% off discount code: hanb10
Please tell me how much you enjoy the goodies ⇓


Free People Love


Lavender, braids, bees, and flowy Free People ♥


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I remember going on this shoot with Dawn, it was the first time we’d met, but we clicked and I adore her. She was so full of joy and made me feel so comfortable and lovely. We were in a little lavender field full of 100s of bumble bees. It was such a pleasant little time and I’m so glad these moments happen.
If you already don’t know Free People is in my top 3 favorite clothing lines. So much bohemian goodness in everything!
What is your favorite Boho brand? ♥


P.S. Go find Dawn on Instagram!

Twinkle Deals Clothing


Cling to what is good.♥img_8579img_8590img_8595img_8606img_8615img_8631img_8661img_8670img_8671img_8673img_8680img_8697img_8700img_8716img_8722-2img_8737img_8759img_8761img_8762img_8768img_8776img_8791img_8801


Loved pairing up with Twinkle Deals! They have so many unique clothes at such an affordable price. These were some of my favorites. Went for a loooong drive to find cool spots. Freezing cold, but definitely worth it.

What’s your favorite look?





I’m so excited to introduce to you guys the amazing brand Calia! They’re all natural and organic, hair, skin, and essential oils, that are absolutely amazing! They are all made without modern chemicals- using only naturally sourced ingredients that could provide genuine efficacy and benefits to both the skin and hair.
Because of what my body has been through over the years, with sickness and with all of the super harsh medicines I’ve been on, I’ve strived to make sure what I’m putting on my body (which is just as important as what’s going in), is super healthy, organic, and makes me just feel good and healthy on the outside!
Here are my absolute favorite products from them, and we’re doing a GIVEAWAY for all of these products! Just keep reading. ♥



This yummy Body Milk is full of palm oil, coconut oil, pine extract, chamomile, echinichea, olive oil, and so many more amazing ingredients. It leaves your skin so naturally clean and super soft! It doesn’t have a strong smell, so if you’re wanting something more add a little bit of your favorite essential oil to the mixture!


I have some of the driest hair! Probably because I’ve died it a couple times, which yes I might just be taking a sabatacle from that to get my hair strong again. It’s so important to be nourishing damaged hair with good healthy products. This conditioner is for super dry hair! It’s filled with Moroccan Cedarwood oil to really satisfy the thirst in your hair!


The Balancing Shampoo is for dry hair, but also for normal hair as well. It is FILLED with so many amazing healthy organic products to feed and balance your hair. Some include; coconut oil, green tea, rosewood oil, cedar wood oil, and so many more. It’s absolutely amazing. Hair feels and looks so clean and fresh after use!


A lot of people don’t use toner, but it’s something that our skin on our face really needs. It’s so sensitive, and needs to be treated well. This kind is enriched with Rose Geranium combination that firms your skin, and gives you a refreshed, clear complexion.


This Body Wash leaves your skin feeling naturally clean. It doesn’t strip your body of everything like all the chemically filled cleansers do. It’s also gentle enough to clean your face with, which means it’s pretty dang gentle. We need to be treating our skin well, it’s the largest organ on our body! Let’s be gentle and kind to it. You wouldn’t (hopefully) be filling your liver with harsh chemicals?


This Skin Cream is probably my favorite product of theirs. I’m always on the lookout for a good natural face moisturizer and this has won! It’s filled with Sea Buckthorn Oil, which nourishes the skin SO well. I have the driest skin! This leaves my face feeling so smooth and creamy! It has so many amazing ingredients in it including; coconut oil, palm oil, beeswax and olive oil. It’s perfect day and night cream.


Now most of you know that essential oils have taken off! I’m obsessed and constantly have them flowing throughout the house and on my skin! Here we have Ylang Ylang which smells AMAZING! It’s an aid for depression, which yes I have those days (or weeks), it just calms your whole body, helping you relax. Super good for insomnia! I of course got Sleep Easy because I’m one of the worst sleepers there is. I put this on my pillow before bed (or just sit there sniffing it hee hee), and it really does relax your body and mind. It’s filled with so many good oils including lavender and rose! I’ve been using Tea Tree oil for years! Most people don’t know much about it, but I’m obsessed. I don’t use harsh chemical zit creams, I use Tee Tree oil. It’s kinda magic! Whenever I have a zit I put it all over, and it’s gone so quickly! It’s also an immune booster, bug repellant and helps kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Seriously it’s the best!


I truly hope you try out there amazing products!
One lucky reader is going to win ALL of these! Go to my Instagram, HERE and follow along on my latest post! Can’t wait to see who wins!
If you want any of these products and SO many more head over to Calia!

Gigi Pip



If there’s one accessory I collect, it’s hats. I wear them all year round! I recently stumbled upon Gigi Pip hats and have fallen in love with the style and how well made they are. Definitely the best quality hat I’ve ever owned. I wore it out to a fun little adventure on the Oregon Coast, it was raining so hard, but was so fun! The little forest trail I went through was so magical too.

Want to get one of their hats? Use my discount code: HANNAHROSE

Get it HERE! ♥

Definitely send me a picture if you get one! What’s your guys favorite brand of hats?


Ps. I look kinda orange in some of these, but I had just gotten back from Kauai when they were taken hee hee

Pacifica Beauty


So a lot of you know that I entered a contest with an amazing beauty company called Pacifica. I did not win, but I’ve fallen in love with their products! I just had to do a tiny review on my favorites, plus I have a discount code at the bottom ♥


First is their amazing shaving creams. These two are my favorite, Kale & Mint, and Sugared  Flowers. They both smell AMAZING. The texture is so smooth and leaves your legs super soft! They’re filled with some of the most amazing NATURAL ingredients: aloe vera, coconut water, arnica flower extract, white birch extract, kale, vitamin E! So amazing for your skin. These ones are only sold at Ulta, you can get them HERE!


Good healthy deodorant is so important. Most people don’t realize how certain ingredients in mosts deodorants are effecting the body. Pacifica’s doesn’t include any parabons, which has been linked to so many breast cancer patients. They effect the bodies hormonal balance. Doesn’t include aluminum compounds (breast cancer) silica (cancer), tricolacson (can cause dermatitis, also kills bad and GOOD bacteria).. basically it doesn’t include all the terrible ingredients found in most popular deodorants. This kind has ingredients like witch hazel, shea butter, coconut milk, sage, and natural and essential oils. You just rub it in your arm pits and they smell delicious! You can get those at Pacifica HERE.


This hair product is amazing! I’ve recently just gave up buying the popular hair and makeup products at stores because they’re filled with so many ingredients that actually damage your hair and skin in the long run. I have dyed hair and it’s so fragile. This product has made my hair so soft and healthy! The Coconut Damage Mask is incredible! You leave it on for 3-15 minutes and it makes your hair just shine with health! It’s filled with coconut oil, aloe, acai fruit oil, passion fruit seed oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil! It hydrates, helps with the damage that stress does on hair, protects against pollution in the air with super fruits and natural oils! Get it HERE!


This is Cactus & Kale Recovery Lotion is so amazing. I mean just the name come on! It’s designed for all skin types, but especially stressed and tired. Because of my heart disease I’m almost constantly tired and filled with stress and anxiety. This has been such a blessing to put on. The smell is just so relaxing and comforting. It’s designed to hydrate and firm, it’s anti-inflammatory and calming to the skin. Stress can cause acne, thank goodness for products like these! It’s filled with cactus water, kale extracts, aloe, coconut, flower water, radish root extract, willow bark extract, alfalfa oil, vitamin b5, sweet iris leaf.  You can get this gem HERE.


Now a lot of makeup that most people wear is filled with things that are actually harming your skin. This BB Cream is actually making it healthy which makes it naturally glow! Whenever I wear this people tell me I’m glowing, and I kinda like hearing that! Sometimes I’ll use it as a primer and sometimes this is all I’ll wear. It’s all-in-one bare skin tint, illuminating primer, perfecting finish, and age-defying, it matches to your skin shade. It diminishes the appearance of pores and uneven skin tone (my favorite part). Go get this HERE!


Lastly we have this CC Cream. I’ve been on the lookout for good healthy foundation for quite sometime, this has won me over! I have super dry skin and this moisturizes so well, probably because it has coconut water in it! It evens out my skin tone, and just makes me glow, hides blemishes, and protects me from UVA and UVB rays. It’s so wonderful! You can get it HERE!

I’m excited to say that you can go to Pacifica Beauty and get 15% off of all their products with my code: Fave15! This’ll start today and end November 7th so go get some goodies!

ALL Pacifica products are 100% vegan and cruelty free ♥