PAIR’D Beauty


This is one of thee COOLEST beauty companies I’ve found! All their products are made with organic, fair trade, cruelty free and vegan ♥ It is owned by the sweetest girl! I absolutely love supporting small businesses, and I highly encourage you all too.



So I wash my hair maybe once a week. It just keeps it much healthier, but I didn’t even know a dry shampoo like this existed! It’s not full of chemicals that are actually killing your hair, it’s full of so much goodness! Including lavender and lemon, which makes it smell amazing! They also stimulate hair growth. So it not only works as a dry shampoo, but also has an amazing hair food!


So this amazing makeup setting spray actually works. It’s suppose to make it last for at least 10 hours, but it keeps mine on even longer! I got the Sweet Cali Orange, and it smells exactly like that. I’m slightly obsessed…


Sneak peak of the masks that are coming in spring! I got to enjoy these a little early and they were incredible to my skin ❤️


Who doesn’t love bath bombs? I take a bath literally everyday for the sake of my bodies soreness, and this bomb just makes it so so much better. Besides the fact that it smells amazing (sandlewood, eucalyptus, and lemon), it’s so calming and relaxing to your senses. It also clears your mind and opens it up from all the goodness being soaked in and all the scents you’re smelling ♥


I HIGHLY recommend these products friends! I love partnering with brand that I trust and fully want to support! Instead of going to Target or Walmart and getting products like these that actually are full of chemicals head over to Pair’d Beauty, and see their amazing products.
The crazy thing also about these is they actually have an expiration date! That’s not normal in products because of all the chemicals that keep them “good” for so long. That’s how trustworthy this company is!
We want to bless you guys so we have a 10% off discount code: hanb10
Please tell me how much you enjoy the goodies ⇓



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