Coast Day


I haven’t updated on here in awhile. Seasons have been changing, and I’m super excited about them! One amazing thing is I’ve been able to work with amazing brands, like the one in these pictures, Closet Revival, modeling for them and just showing off their amazing products. It’s been such a neat and fun experience!

Mini health update: 11 months seizure free, 11 months 6 hour long infusion free, zero dangerous bleeding, only 2 er visits, and I truly haven’t been this happy in years. My platelets after 13 years of disease have been leveling out at…normal (dare I say that), my Dr said she thinks maybe my bodies just getting into a new habit of things. I strongly hope so! My heart disease, POTS, can still be rough somedays, but if I’m truly exercising my body, and getting my heart pumping, eating healthy it makes SUCH a difference!

I’ve been at a place in my life where I’m actually wondering what to do with my time because I feel good enough to do something! It’s amazing! I’ve been pursuing my photography and able to make a tiny income off of that, and it’s blessed us so much. Yes, we still have 1000s of dollars in medical bills, yes I can get stressed out, but the Lord has provided for us for years. And hey, I’ll take a bill for 1000s of dollars if that means no more seizures and no risk of internal bleeding… hee hee 🙂

Another amazing thing I’ve been able to do is work with brands to promote their businesses! I only do it with ones that are my style. I’ve made friends with so many people across the world from of it, and some of them are paying me a tiny bit, which is such a blessing and I hope to build up my portfolio just a bit. Let me know of any brands you think I fit!

This dress is from one of the special brands that I just adore, Closet Revival! Their style is SO stinking amazing, and I just kinda love all of their goodies. One (yes I’m doing another post with the CUTEST sweater) of my goodies from them is this beautiful dress. It’s so flowy (only dresses i’ll wear), so feminine, and so flattering! On my way to the beach we stopped at a cute tiny market, and a lady said I looked like I walked straight out of a magazine! That kinda just made my day! I love supporting small businesses and I encourage all of my followers to do the same!

You can get 20% percent off all their items, yes 20! With the code: #shophannah

Go shop here!


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