Our Elephant Pants ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! 
A funny story about Rous and I…. when I was still in highschool and he was out, living in Mexico down at an orphanage, with no phones or internet. We could only communicate through letters so of course they were all very sappy. But he saved up a lot of money to be able to call me from the only phone in his tiny town, on Valentine’s Day. It cost so much! It was an 8 minute conversation that basically had him rambling on awkwardly to finally, “Hannah, I’m in love with you…..I would take a bullet for you.”

Now if you knew me back in highschool I was a tad harsh and on the mean side. Has he was saying all this I’m thinking, “I’m in highschool, we’re not in love. What the heck is he doing?!” A couple seconds of silence and he says, “uhh you don’t have to say it back.” To which I replied, “I wasn’t planning on it!”

Wow and 9 years later, we’ve been married for 4 1/2 years! Ha we have the funniest/worst dating stories ❤

My Roosie and I are wear our super cozy pants from The Elephant Pants. One of the coolest companies, with an amazing mission! To save all the elephants from extinction! 10% of every pair bought goes to help saving them! Love businesses with real missions! ❤

Today I’m announcing my winner for two pairs of these pants on my Instagram! You still have time to enter! Just click here!


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